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Great News !!

I am now a part of the team at Serenity Now Wellness Center, located in East Inglewood Calgary, AB. With the team of  5 Psychologists and the new development of 8 Practitioners, we are in the midst of organizing Yoga classes and scheduling, Workshops and events.

Please stay tuned with more accurate times 'n dates to come!!

Hours of Operation at SNW - Accepting 44 more clients!!

                         Tuesday & Wednesday / 10 - 3 pm

                         Thursday  / 1-8 pm

                         Friday  / 4 - 8 pm

Call today to book your uniq service  at  403.454.7600

** I offer mobile services through my Private Practice, upon acceptance of phone interview and discussion of location situation. Please call for more interest on availability for Monday's and Saturday as an option.



Payment is accepted via cash or e transfer.  A receipt of payment will be emailed to each client for completed sessions.

A personal cheque is accepted upon request and situation.


I have a Professional relationship and connections with a leading team of Health Practitioners. I am also a doTerra Wellness Advocate.  

Together  Uniq Creations ~ Integrative Yoga & Wellness and the dynamic team of professionals, are ready to assist in your health needs.

*Thai Yoga Bodywork                1 Hour  $105
                                              1.25 Hour  $125
                                               1.5  Hour  $140
*Marma Point - Private                  1 Hour $95
*Somatic Movement - Private      1 Hour  $95

*Signature Essential Oil : Two different types
Session Style- I                             1 Hour $95
Session Style - II                     1.5 Hour  $140                                                        1.25 Hour $125
                                                  1 Hour $105


Yoga Private Session  (1 person)  

Initial Session incl Assessment/Movement

1.25 Hour $140; then following

1 Hour   $ 80

1.25      $105


Yoga Semi Private  (2-3 person)  

1 Hour  $105                                                      

1.25     $131





​​         Integrative Somatic Yoga Practitioner

Uniq Creations