​                                  Great News !!

**  Mobile services are offered through  Private Practice, upon acceptance of a phone interview, discussion of circumstances and location. For availability, please call the private number below for more interest at 403.918.8474.




I am proud to have Professional relationships with a leading team of Health Practitioners in Calgary. Check out the links page.

Together  Uniq Creations ~ Integrative Light Touch Practice and the dynamic team of professionals, are ready to assist with your health needs, requests and goals.

I am also a doTerra Wellness Advocate and I am currently studying online with Andrea Butje of Aromahead Institute, school of essential oil studies in the United States.  

Uniq Creations~ Integrative Light Touch Practice

​​*Craniosacral Therapy                1 Hour $110

                                              1.25 Hour $125

*Thai Massage/Bodywork          1 Hour  $110
                                              1.25 Hour  $125
                                               1.5  Hour  $145
*Somatic Movement - Private    1 Hour  $110

*Signature Aromatherapy Treatments: 
Session Style- I                           1 Hour $110

                                               1.25 Hour $125
( based on doTerra Techniques & Essential Oils )                                               
Session Style - II                    1.5 Hour  $145                                                       1.25 Hour $125
                                                 1 Hour $110

( Raindrop Techniques & Essential Oils) _______________________________________

Yoga Private Session  (1 person)  

Initial Session incl Assessment/Movement

1.25 Hour $145; then following

1 Hour   $ 95

1.25      $125


Yoga Semi Private  (2-3 person)  

1 Hour  $125                                                      

1.25      $145





​​         Integrative Light Touch Practice 

Payment is accepted via e transfer prior to appointment to ensure your spot and our cancellation policy. Cash is of course accepted upon scheduled appointment. A receipt of payment will be emailed to each client for completed sessions. A personal cheque is accepted upon request and situation.

Our cancellation policy for full payment is due for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours of notice.

At this moment we are working toward an NHPC registered number so those who have an open / spending health account may submit receipts for insurance company re-imbursement.

Uniq Creations