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Uniq Creations

Uniq Creations - Integrative Light Touch Practice is dedicated to help take care of your health needs. Our Vision is to be inspirational for healing & learning, expanding knowledge & understanding by the means of moving energy within the body, with light touch techniques.

To hold space with pure intention, for a wealth of gratitude, generosity of spirit and an open mind, connecting one another as a community.

Anatomy Yin Yoga; Paul Grilley (30 hr ) 2012 - CYT Vancouver

The Yoga Studio College of Canada (250 Hr) 2012 - CYT  Calgary

Myth of Ages / Somatic Workshop; ( 15 hr ) 2013 - Calgary

Critical Alignment Yoga & Therapy (100 Hr) 2014 - CYT Calgary

Somatic Exercise Coach; ( 20 hr ) 2014 - SEC 1 Cochrane

Pain Care Yoga Module; Neil Pearson; 2014 - Calgary

NeuroKinetic Therapy Certified Level 1; 2015 - Calgary

Shin Somatic Training ( 30 Hr ) 2015 - St. George, Utah

Raindrop Technique- Essential Oil Therapy (60 Hr) 2015 - Calgary

Elemental Vinyasa Flow; MYI (200 Hr) 2016 - RYT-200 Calgary

Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner; MYI ( 150 Hr) 2016 - Calgary

Marma Therapy; Mandorla Yoga Institute; 2016 - Calgary

Ethics, Empowerment & HEH Certified (56 hr) 2016 - Lethbridge

Gentle Somatic Yoga/ Lv 2; James Knight (65 Hr ) 2017

- Salt Spring Island, BC

Complementary Reflexology Studies; 2017- Edmonton & Calgary

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy; BI ( 400 hr ) 2018 - Calgary

​Trauma Informed Care Certification; AB Health; 2018 - Calgary

​Aromatherapy for Massage; Aromahead Institute / currently, 2018

Brain Story Certification; AFWC / currently, 2018

Standard First Aid; CPR - C + AED - September  2018  Calgary

            Education / Training

Virginia has always had a natural flare with interacting amongst others, especially through health and wellness. She is passionate about incorporating activity and movement into her life. A car accident in 2008, changed her lifestyle as an athlete immensely and the outcome led her to Iyengar and a Restorative Yoga practice.


Enlightened and empowered, her yoga journey began late 2010.   Virginia's personal experience with chronic pain due to whiplash, brings understanding, grace and compassion along side her clients. She believes in the importance of acknowledging the smallest improvements of each individuals growth within their unique journey. Empowerment evolves through a safe and nurturing space so you are able to let your body let go naturally. This allows your nervous system to be fully supported in all aspects which then offers the layers to melt away, for optimal function.

Express, Explore  and Experience  in daily life, is an offering of a path toward youthfulness. Her sessions are light and some what playful so you may express & explore your true self, while be it uplifting and a sound experience at the same time.

She is here to match your  Commitment  with open arms and a gracious heart, as she too, knows what it once was like. 

Come express your story of health, explore & discover new opportunities while we experience and develop a plan together that best suits you.

Svaha.. So Be It! 

Meet Virginia 

We empower you with new understanding and sense of inner awareness, reconnecting your body, mind and spirit. We take an open approach with our clients, through Integrative techniques geared to meet you where you are in your journey and desires, that blend with your style of learning.


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