​​         Integrative Light Touch Practice 

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​​​Thai Massage/Bodywork​

Through the safety of light touch technique, the body's whole system receives signals to express, explore & experience original healthy functions, unfolding at a cellular level.

Safe space allows your system to naturally address varying states of imbalance, promotes enduring health & vitality again.

Aids with poor sleep, aches 'n pains, acute or chronic tension, emotional or psychological sensativities & concerns.

*Client is fully clothed on a massage table.



A blend of manual therapy techniques 

from Thai Massage along with

movement therapy (asana), energy work

(marma therapy) & breath therapies (pranayama) drawn from Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy. Let me, let your body, let go!

Stressed out, anxious & burning the candle at both ends, this is the one for you!

 *Client is fully clothed, Essential Oils may be applied on the head, neck, hands & feet.

Light touch techniques harmonize &  

re-balance the energy centers of our body as 8-10 Essential Oils are applied on your spine & feet along energy meridians, at visceral contact points & zone therapy. During the luxurious treatment our natural Relaxation Response allows our body

to let go, often in a state of euphoria.

Can't seem to relax, think too much, this is the one for you!

Signature Essential Oil

Somatic / Restore Yoga

Somatic movements create length for flexibility in your body, while the Yin postures gently stress & rehabilitate connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine.

Aim to increase circulation of joints & improve mobility. Postures are practiced on the floor / at the wall, utilizing props, if required. A variation to traditional Yin, come explore with me & bring a friend!

 Your experience is individual to your needs and your success is determined by the commitment level from the both of us. Our Mission is to create awareness of Therapeutic, Holistic and Somatic practices as developing and complementary light touch modalities, addressing the Integrative mind/body system as a whole.


A blend of Gentle Yoga & Somatics to reconnect your whole body by guided, voluntary slow movements as you explore personal  patterns of held  health / tension. This style encourages and prepares the body for letting go

A journey of awareness, more mobility and flexibility, as you learn to move with  more coordination.Wanna do yoga, but too nervous to try?!  This is right up your alley.


Somatic Movement

Integrative light touch therapy for Optimal hEalth - 403.918.8474

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Somatic Yin Yoga

A movement & Re-education session, with sensory awareness re-patterning techniques, for your brain.

Improve coordination, connectivity & function to muscular control.

Shift our habitual preferences with mindful gentle movements.

Create space to regain control of your body. Ever wonder how to get moving again?! Try a few sessions & you'll be hooked.